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The Gist

Choose a book of ‘text’ (fiction) to re-interpret in the form of a ‘visual’ book.

The book you choose to re-interpret should be something you are already familiar with (possibly your favorite book). Your choice of book should also relate to, and address in some way, your stated Topic for this course.

Begin by considering your selection and asking yourself questions : why has your book been important to you? Are there any personal associations you can identify? Etc. And, why did you read it in the first place?

Think less in terms of faithfully re-telling a story and more in terms of using the text as a starting point from which to explore your Thesis Statement.


  • Your book must be at least 75 pages.
  • No typography.
  • Your final book must have pages and be bound or have a container of some kind.
  • The form, paper, size, etc. of your book is up to you.


Students racked their brains to find the most adored, appropriate book for their topic, then set about examining one key theme shared by the chosen book and their topic. The narrative of the book -- build, slowness, storytelling, clarity, strength from beginning to end -- factored as an integral component to a cohesive finished object.