We Put Things Here

The Gist

Make an at minimum 32 page + cover publication of your topic. Narrative is the main goal here. What is the story you are telling, and how are you telling it? Post-modern, cinematic, disjoined, sequential, decontextualized (subtraction), straight-forward, blunt, concise, clear... what is the story you are telling and how are you telling it?


  • Single page can be no smaller than 5" wide or tall
  • All art must be made by you or cited appropriately
  • Must be typographically driven
  • Include URL (weputthingshere.com)
  • The publication must have two or more long-form written pieces, each around 5,000 characters


Students were given various stories and poems to read — from Gertrude Stein to Donald Barthelme, from E. E. Cummings to Chuck Palahniuk — which highlighted different narrative methods. They then researched their topics and at the same time formed a basis to narrate their findings. From many, many sketches, 3–5 options were chosen and, after that, one was flushed out. A completed book was due in 4 weeks time.