We Put Things Here

The Gist

Your goal is to make a series of three posters that will be developed, resolved, and produced — then hung in public in a row along with the work of your fellow students.

The idea here is to cause your audience to reconsider / obtain a new perspective upon / re-evaluate your topic. Engage the viewer, grab attention, and create a dialogue between inanimate object (the poster) and passer-by.

Why a huge black and white poster? Formal constraints (such as a big, huge black & white poster) offer an opportunity to observe your process in a new, exciting way. Throughout this course, you'll map your ideas in different ways over varying surfaces which inherently have their own set of executional “rules” that are at the minimum good to know about as you break them, and at the maximum fundamental to follow.


  • 3 posters
  • Black & White only, no grayscale
  • Dimensions: 35" x 46.67"
  • Think yin yang, all good logos, and Op Art (for example Bridget Riley), etc.
  • Must be typographically driven
  • URL (weputthingshere.com)


The students researched their topics and brought in sketches for potential solutions. Over the course of two weeks, the designs were evolved to completion and printed full-size.

On the brisk morning of Saturday, October 21st, we met on location in DUMBO and wheatpasted the posters.

Stop-motion footage